The Ultimate Meeting Point for the Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Chain & Clinical Delivery Community

The 2024 meeting will bring together experts across 3 days, including pre-conference workshop sessions, 2 tracks dedicated to Logistics and Clinical Operations and 6 interactive, discussion-based sessions.

This event is your exclusive gateway to invaluable insights that empower you to create a cost-effective, efficient, and patient-centred supply chain, and enable you to stretch budgets further, seamlessly onboard patients and deliver treatments faster.

What’s New for 2024?

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Immerse yourself in content dedicated to tackling the challenges in allogeneic cell therapies to address donor selection and transportation ensuring good quality allogeneic supply and optimized transportation methods.

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Absorb insights from 5+ phase 1 and 2 companies, gaining invaluable perspectives on how they plan to transition to the next stage of development. Harness this knowledge to incorporate innovations and troubleshoot challenges specific to your development phase!

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Participate in 2 discussion-based pre-conference workshop sessions on labelling standardization and supply chain- clinical operations collaboration to brainstorm with other key industry leaders!

Join us to:

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Network with supply chain and clinical operations leaders and tackle urgent challenges like standardization and site-sponsor relationships to transform insights solutions with the end-patient in mind.


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Implement newest methods to standardize your supply chain to communicate information effectively across the supply chain allowing for a faster and more efficient supply chain with ICCBBABeam Therapeutics and Arsenal Bio

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Optimize patient logistics, engagement, and management by connecting with clinical operation leaders putting the patient perspective at the forefront of cell therapy trial orchestration Century Therapeutics and Arcellx

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Navigate scaling up your supply chain by using case studies to avoid pitfalls in development at your stage in the pipeline learning tangible actions to prepare for the future with Carisma Therapeutics, Obsidian Therapeutics & Immunity Bio

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Learn effective strategies and technologies to build a visible, traceable, and automated supply chain aiding the scheduling and collection logistics for a smooth delivery of products with Sonoma Biotherapeutics,
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
& Jassen Pharmaceuticals

Hear What Our Previous Attendees Have to Say:

‘The Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit consistently delivers relevance for the sector with a shared sense of purpose and learning from an engaged faculty and audience’

William Shingler, Senior Director, Patient & Cell Management, Autolus

''It was great to connect with a like-minded and engaged community all trying to bring great therapies to patients’’  

Tour Ala, Information Technology Leading for Cell & Gene Therapy Industrialization, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professional, Roche